The Waddler’s Room is designed for mobile children who are walking steadily to 24 months old. The Waddler’s Room has a no shoe policy in order to keep the environment clean for the children to explore on.

Children at this age are discovering their world through hands-on exploration of their environment and materials in the room. Social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills will develop when children interact and engage in play with teachers and other children in a group setting. Our safe and nurturing environment allow children to play, grow and learn.

CFS Waddler’s Teachers know and understand that children need to be able to express themselves in different ways. In The Waddler’s Room, teachers encourage children to express their emotion through words, sign language, and body language as children are beginning to develop their language skills.

What you will observe when you visit the Waddler’s Room:

  • Age appropriate furniture
  • Age appropriate materials on the floor, shelves and tables
  • Materials are at children eye level
  • Children playing with materials on the floor and at the table
  • Children interacting with each other
  • Teachers interacting with children
  • Teachers reading stories to children
  • Teachers facilitating sensory activities
  • Teachers facilitating expressive art activities
  • Display of children art work on walls
  • Children exploring in their outdoor environment

Wadder’s Daily Routine