The Two’s Room is for children ages 24 months old through 36 months old. The Two’s Room is designed to foster children’s development in social/emotional, cognitive, language/literacy, independence and creative thinking through allowing them choices and freedom to explore their environment. The Two’s Room is where children also learn and master potty training and self-regulation, which is a key element required before children are able to move on to their next adventure in their lives.
Teachers in the Two’s Room understand the importance of social play. Thus, the teachers provide many opportunities for children to experience fun, age appropriate, yet educational group activities. Teachers also encourage children to be self motivated thinkers and learners by providing time for children to have free play and encouraging exploration of the indoor and outdoor environment. Many open ended question are asked throughout the duration of the day to encourage children’s creative thinking.

What you will observe when you visit the Two’s Room:

  • Age Appropriate Furniture
  • A variety of age appropriate materials such as puzzles, games, and toys
  • Different interest centers such as art, block, reading, dramatic play, ect.
  • Children engaging in free play indoor and outdoor
  • Children engaging in Group Activities
  • Children interacting with each other
  • Teachers interacting with children
  • Display of art work and pictures on wall

Two Years Old Daily Routine