Pre K

Our Pre-K program is for children ages 48 months old to 60 months old. The Pre-K program was developed with the understanding that Pre-Kindergarten children need guidance, support and training in school readiness. This program’s philosophy is a blend of both play based and academic philosophy to help meet the needs of children entering the elementary school system.

At CFS, we understand that school readiness is on the mind of parents of all Pre-Kindergarten children. We want to instill a lifelong love of learning in our future generation, by giving them the tools they need to succeed in life at the beginning of their academic journey. Thus our role is to connect with local elementary school’s kindergarten teachers to get a better understanding of what is expected of incoming new kindergarten students and well as what students in the past years have lacked so that we can better prepare our Pre-Kindergarten children.

CFS teachers provide a well balance curriculum that support both play based and academic philosophy. Carefully planned age-appropriate enriched activities that teach Math/Science, phonic, reading, and writing will enhance better success for children entering their academic school years.

What you will observe when you visit the Pre-K Room:

  • Age appropriate furniture
  • An abundant of age appropriate materials and educational toys
  • Art work and CFS projects displayed on wall
  • Learning centers already set up for the children
  • Teachers singing and dancing with the children
  • Teachers reading books with children
  • Teachers leading fun, educational activities with children

  • Teachers interacting with children at their level
  • Children playing/working at different learning centers
  • Children interacting with each other
  • Children exploring our outdoor facility







PreK Daily Routine