The Baby Room is for children as young as 6 weeks old to children that are beginning to take steps on their own. The Baby Room has a no shoe policy in order to keep the environment clean for the children to explore on. The teachers in this room follow an on-demand schedule for each individual baby. Upon enrollment, Teachers, Director, and Parents meet to review the needs of the baby so that teachers have good understanding of the baby’s schedule.

CFS Teachers in the Baby Room understand that babies learn about the world through their senses (touch, taste, see, smell, and hear). Thus Baby Room Teachers provide many opportunities for the babies to explore the environment and materials with their senses. Our Baby Room Teachers also understand the important of floor time as young babies developed their motor skills and reach their important milestones. Milestones such as rolling over, crawling, sitting up, and becoming more mobile; would be more difficult to reach if babies are not allowed to have time on the floor to explore.

What you will observe when you visit the Baby Room:

  • Age appropriate materials on the floor
  • Soft elements for babies to be on
  • Babies exploring on the floor
  • Babies playing with materials on the floor
  • Teachers holding babies during bottle feeding
  • Teachers feeding babies solid food at table
  • Teachers engaged in tummy time or floor time with babies
  • Teachers reading stories to babies
  • Teachers doing sensory activities with babies
  • Babies exploring outdoor environment
  • Teachers taking babies out for walks